Stuck on Replay – “Say You Don’t Want It”

Sometimes, a certain song inspires you something special and goes along with your mood. Some songs are obsessive for a while and then they end up at the bottom of some forgotten playlist. And then, you have that kind of songs, the ones you never get tired of. Some days, those songs are stuck on replay.

Seeing how music is a huge passion of mine, why not popping some of my latest discoveries or simply some old-time favourites?

Today, I thought about one of my absolute favourites, “Say You Don’t Want It’ by the British indie rock band One Night Only. I’ve only discovered them a while back, while I was on holiday and came across this clip on MTV. Ever since, I was glued to their fresh yet somehow reminiscent of the 80’s electronic-influenced music. The band’s name, “One Night Only” refers to their first gig. At the time, they didn’t have a name so they simply called themselves like that, as this gig was only supposed to last for only one night… Luckily for us, it was only the start of their amazing itinerary in the music world.

So, here it is… Enjoy!


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