A walk down Memory Lane

When I go back to Focșani, I always get a funny feeling. I notice so many changes, yet everything feels the same. Behind all the new buildings, my mind detects the old ones, hiding great childhood memories.

Going back to Romania always involves seeing the family again. It goes without saying. Being spoiled by my godparents and catching up with my cousins are also part of the tradition. It also goes without saying that I always gain a few extra pounds. I owe this to my Grandma, who feeds me more than I can take. Bless her for always saying that “Belgian food doesn’t make me any good” seeing how skinny I look 🙂

Going back to my first home also means reminding myself where I came from and what I’ve learned along the way. I’ve also had the chance to meet a few old family friends and catch up on everything. It’s such a heart-warming feeling to see that nothing has changed between us. I feel incredibly lucky to know such generous, modest, inspiring and open-minded people.

But, enough chatting! Here are the long-awaited pictures. Let’s take a little trip back in time and see what old memories I’ve captured 🙂


Being welcomed by a snowy Bucharest. Absolutely thrilling.


On our way to Focșani


And woah! Sunshine and 20°C the next day. Is this for real?


What used to be a movie theatre, called “Cinematograful Balada”



Piaţa Unirii (Union Square)IMG_9232 IMG_9234


You’ll never guess what this is…IMG_2771

My former kindergarten! Take a look at that silly face.


Muzeul Vrancei (one of the history museums of Vrancea county) which I visited with…


My Grandpa! 🙂 A dream come true, since we’ve always wanted to visit it together!


Towards some serious magnificence: the famous Theatre in Focșani, which has always fascinated me… and with good reason…


Entering Art Nouveau paradise…



(No comments needed 😉 )IMG_9335

Outside the Theatre


The former Focșani City Hall, illustrating the Brâncovenesc architecture style, which was developed in Wallachia during the reign of Constantin Brâncoveanu in the 17th and 18th centuries.

IMG_9356 - Version 2

Speaking of inspiring people, I’m so glad I had the chance to meet one of my favourite mentors again. Meet Mrs Zaiț, a former art teacher, to which I owe my eye for detail and my love for drawing and painting.IMG_2964

Our last evening. Notice my cliché nostalgic moment, wanting to capture the sunset. For some things, I guess I’ll always be a romantic at heart 🙂


La revedere, România! Ne revedem curând! (Goodbye, Romania! See you soon!)

P.S. Imagine my surprise when we landed in a very sunny Brussels, something I thought I’d never see again after those long snowy months!

All pictures taken by me. ©

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8 thoughts on “A walk down Memory Lane

  1. Splendid, Mariuca! You are a wonderful Ambassador for your birthplace (town and country alike). Waiting for more stories!

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