Ode to Books

(Title inspired by one of Pablo Neruda’s poems, Ode to the Book)new-york-public-library-reading-room

(The New York Public Library)

“Le livre est plus que jamais devenu un objet de résistance. La lecture est une contestation de tous les jours, une désobéissance civile au quotidien. Car tout nous pousse à ne plus prendre le temps. Les choses vont si vite que nous peinons à imaginer le futur, qui semble déjà derrière nous. Les utopies humaines semblent s’être noyées dans les eaux glacées du calcul égoïste et dans la fin de l’histoire…”

(Read more here)

Sad, but true. It seems as though nobody reads as much as they used to anymore. Many people often forget what a book can bring you. Not only does it teach you (or remind you) a valuable lesson but it also allows you to live another life for a few hours. Needless to say that books also feed your imagination, which is far more entertaining than having the story setting and the characters served on a silver platter. I’m not criticising books being turned into movies, but I’d tend to read the book first to make my own impression and to paint my own settings and characters before seeing the movie.

I was lucky enough to be surrounded by books while growing up and get lost in many captivating stories for endless hours. As much as I enjoy browsing the Internet and get lost in a whirlwind of websites, it doesn’t give me the same adventurous yet comforting feeling of a book.

So, here’s to a long life for books! 🙂 Have a great, sunny weekend, everyone!


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