London Calling

London Collage

(Photomontage with Frame Artist, pictures edited by me)

Yes, sir! Heading to London soon, for a three-month internship! I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it, to be honest. It’s something I’ve been dreaming about for the last five years, but I’d never thought that I would actually spend three full months in one of the most breathtaking cities out there! I should calm down with the exclamation marks, really…

I have a rather special relationship with London, seeing how it’s the first foreign city I visited when I was little. Every time I go back, it feels like home in lots of ways. I never get tired of visiting familiar places and mingling with amazing people! What I love about London in particular is that you can never – ever – feel self-conscious. Everybody is different and celebrates diversity.ย Feeling like the luckiest girl alive? You bet! ๐Ÿ˜€

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