Siena – Un anno dopo

I’m getting quite nostalgic these last couple of days. Nothing too dramatic, of course but I will always remember this time of year as my first real adventure (well, doesn’t that sound serious?). This time last year I was attending a summer school in Siena to improve my Italian skills and to get more and more familiar with the Italian culture and way of living. It was basically a dream come true. It was a way for me to compensate for not having an Erasmus experience. Three weeks don’t equal six months, for sure, but I couldn’t complain!

I’m still keeping in touch with two a-ma-zing girls I’ve met there and it’s always great to catch up and remember our time in Siena! I’m so proud and grateful to have met such great people! (Ulrike and Erin, I’m looking at you! :D)


I’m also very curious about this year’s Palio, which is in two days! I can barely stay calm, I’m so anxious to see who’s going to win! I’m crossing fingers for the Selva contrada! No offence to the other ones but this contrada will always be my favourite as it’s the one that welcomed me with open arms! I really wish I could go there and see the Palio with my own eyes but London’s charm is keeping hypnotised for one more month and a half. One month and a half. Time, you seriously have got to stop rushing.

It’s really exciting for me to be in London this summer and I could never compare Siena to London because these two experiences are very different. But it’s funny how spending your summer in a productive way can feel very fulfilling!

And to finish on yet another nostalgic note, here is a song that will always bring back memories: Song for Sienna by Brian Crain.

A special thank you for my Dad who made me discover this song! 🙂

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One thought on “Siena – Un anno dopo

  1. Brian Crain’s song expresses what you said in the text! There will be many other opportunities to revisit Siena, I am sure. It is good you realised that you cannot compare the two experiences. Both enhance your life and help you open the eyes to the world windows! Well done and good luck with your further experiences.

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