Discovery of the day #1 – Travis

I realised that I often give too much thought to my blog posts. Of course, looking for the right words and editing my pictures is a hobby I enjoy, even if it takes quite a lot of time. Perfectionism often pays off but it might ruin me one day… The other day I thought I could create a new blog category called “Discovery of the day“. I often stumble upon random (but interesting) things so I thought why not share them with you guys? It might be more spontaneous and less “literary” but my blog is getting hungry and lonely. After all, as a blogging beginner, I learned a valuable lesson: you should never try to make your blog perfect. Nobody likes museum-like blogs where you can see the blogger struggling to make every tiny detail perfect. Flawless blogs can easily get boring… but if you show a little personality, with unique quirks here and there, this is what makes a blog interesting!

So, let’s get right to it, shall we? Today’s discovery was this Facebook status published a few days ago by Coldplay (I love them, if you still haven’t figured that out from my previous post). Chris Martin tells us about two songs he found, one of them being “Moving” by Travis. It’s definitely not the first time I hear of Travis: they’re often on my stuck-on-replay list. I remember the first time I heard “Sing” on the radio and saw the clip on MTV when I was a kid. I used to laugh my head off at that clip, particularly when the lobster lands on the host lady’s hat (1:43).

Oh, those were the good old days…

Moving on to today’s discovery:

Moving” is a song from their newest album called Where You Stand, for which you can find a review here. All right, Helen Brown might think it’s “a bit boring” (and I respect that) but in all fairness, all you need sometimes is predictable melodies and words you can remember easily. For me, Travis are far from being boring. Of course, if you compare them with other innovative bands that have shaken the musical world, you might think that. But I personally think that every artist should be respected and appreciated for his work. All artists bring something new in their own way and you can’t discuss taste, after all! J If you enjoy a “boring” song, why not listen to it? Life’s too short for not listening to songs that cheer you up! I’m getting a little off-track here…

In another review, Ryan Bray says:

“There’s a lot here that will sound familiar not just to Travis fans, but also to legions of listeners who have latched on to the scores of bands that have built booming resumes off of the band’s influential brit-pop blueprint. That sound has become so ubiquitous over the years that it’s easy to forget Travis was Coldplay before there was Coldplay (it’s okay, Chris Martin will tell you as much). But the Keane-reminiscent “Different Road” or the palatable, mid-tempo pop rock of “Moving” are effective reminders of just how far the band’s influence has reached over the years.”

It’s true that Travis remind me of Keane, especially for this song. Both bands have that same “clean” style, with simple lyrics, sometimes a bit too melancholic (lost or unacquainted loves) but anybody can relate to that. I haven’t listened to the whole album yet but I’m planning to do it soon. From what I can see from this song, Travis have grown and they managed to reach a certain level of “peace”, as Ryan Bray says.

I have a feeling this kind of post will mostly be about musical discoveries but I promise not to be exclusive about that! There are many other things worth rambling about, aren’t there? 😉

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3 thoughts on “Discovery of the day #1 – Travis

  1. You made my day! Yes, I remember that video clip when the lobster lands on the host lady’s hat. Right, it was your favourite MTV “moment”. I also remember that you spent considerable time in front of our old TV chasing that moment. To me Travis are Travis, they have invented themselves, created their own style and at the end “de gustibus non est disputandum” (in matters of taste, there can be no disputes). Keep up your good work and thank you for sharing!

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