Being High Tech And All

I used to think that being high tech is a geek thing. Poor old me thought that it was enough to have a MacBook and a Facebook account to call someone high-tech. Such a joke… I used to think that “less is more” when it came to mobile apps and didn’t even bother downloading Twitter or Instagram on my phone. What’s the use? It’s going to eat up all my mobile data and battery. All that talk on iOS being better than Android or vice-versa was making me dizzy. I couldn’t even see the difference…

I used to shrug at iPads… until I got mine. That’s when my world got shaken by the high-tech earthquake. Major life-changing purchase. Probably the best investment I’ve ever made in my life (thank you, graduation gift)! This love story started in a supermarket. Seriously, keep on reading. An Apple store is way too cliché. In Belgium, most of the Carrefour supermarkets have an IT aisle (I don’t even know if that’s the proper name) where they show on display new phones, new computers aaand – yes – iPads to play with. All the kids go there which makes the toys aisle a sad and forgotten place. I wasn’t really fancying trying out iPads and see their features, especially when seeing 10 kids fighting for one (almost like fighting for life). Sigh. When I was a kid, I used to fight for a swing because it was my turn. One day, while every kid in town was at school, I decided to pack up my courage and finally pick up an iPad and see what the fuss is all about. Bang, I fell in love! “Oh my Goood, look at this! It’s brilliant! You can slide the apps! Oooh, let’s see the apps! Hmm, music, video, iTunes… iBooks?! Oh my everlovin’… did you see the image resolution? Free books?! You can highlight things in a book? You can make notes? You can bookmark it? Face Tiiime! Even better than Skype (well, actually I wouldn’t know… most of my friends have Skype instead so I don’t use Face Time that much). There’s an app for playing the piano? And drums!” And this and that and… I had to lie down. I had to buy an iPad. Well, after reading 10 275 reviews on it and see how to make the most of it, I have finally ordered it online last year. Best investment ever.  For free time but also for university: pairing it with a Logitech keyboard makes it a tiny laptop that you can easily carry with you. That’s for my love story. This should be turned into a romantic comedy.


What’s quite funny is that I’m a lover of all things vintage. Throw me anything vintage or vintage-inspired, I will take it. A few years ago, I wasn’t the least bit interested in this addictive high-tech world. I used to be against smartphones and Kindle readers. As an avid reader and old books collector, Kindle seemed like a slow poison for the publishing industry. A while ago, I have actually realised that you have to be open-minded and keep an eye open for everything evolving out there. I would hate to see e-readers replacing real books because there is no better feeling that buying a new book and hold it in your hands. Books are an object of art, there is a lot of work behind them. I have a friend working in the publishing industry and told me that a book certainly doesn’t get published overnight. But, let’s be honest: if I had to travel somewhere for a long time and wanted to pack 5 books with me, I’d much rather download them on my iPad because it takes less space. From a practical point of view, e-books have the upper hand. But this doesn’t mean I will throw away all my printed books. Each book I own has a story and memories behind it: my childhood, my obsession with horses at twelve, my teenage years, my poetic self at sixteen, my university years where I had to read French, Italian and Spanish classic authors… It’s hard to throw that away. Even if the pages are yellowed or if the spines are bent, flipping through the pages brings back all those memories.

On top of all of this, I also bought a real smartphone. A Samsung Galaxy S3 to be exact. You know, the one which was voted the best smartphone in 2012. By the way, Amazon, I love you for your crazy deals! I don’t know how I managed to live without one before… Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and LinkedIn grouped on HootSuite? Yes, please! Of course, there are many drawbacks to having a smartphone, like becoming utterly addicted and anti-social with people around you. Balance is the key. When I’m with friends, I don’t dive into my phone, refreshing every news feed. But I guess it’s reassuring to know that you can keep in touch with everyone. Sure, a simple phone call is easier but who said you can reach everyone with phone calls nowadays? There are plenty of people who don’t even bother answering anymore because you’re interrupting their tweet… 

Even if I decided to keep pace with the era I live in, this doesn’t make me inconsiderate towards old things because I still appreciate their value. For some things, I’m really old-fashioned. But, turning into a high tech gal made me aware of new interesting things. and the best is yet to come! I think this is closely related to my newest addiction to social media. Ok, “addiction” is a big word. Let’s say, “affection”. That sounds even more creepy. Well, you get the idea! 😉

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One thought on “Being High Tech And All

  1. Well, I like the way you put it: “Each book I own has a story and memories behind it: my childhood, my obsession with horses at twelve, my teenage years, my poetic self at sixteen, my university years where I had to read French, Italian and Spanish classic authors… It’s hard to throw that away.” Thanks, this is a nice essay about how to strike a balance between modernity and everlasting classic values…

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