How I got into knitting

Hello again, world! Long time no speak!

I apologise for my long absence and lack of posts but university is getting the best of me. Between the courses, the exams and the dissertation, I barely find time for any extra activities. But that’s not why I should neglect my blog (nor my social life). Don’t get me wrong, my social life isn’t my blog but funnily enough, blogging is one of my favourite ways of socialising.

However, among all the university-related activities, I did make time for a new hobby, something I’ve been meaning to try for a long time and that is… knitting! Surprising? Not so much for most of the people who know me. I often get bitten by creativity, one way or another and this time, I figured I might as well try something way out of my comfort zone!

I have to be honest, though… For some reason, I’ve always been intimidated by knitting. I used to think it’s something I could never do properly. I like creative activities in general like drawing or painting but I thought knitting was out of my league. A while back, I watched a “How to knit a scarf” video on YouTube and I was completely in awe! Not only the lady was knitting amazingly fast but she would also make different patterns. I also remember that while I was in London, my host lady (a very experienced knitter) told me that knitting is actually relaxing. I thought “Why not give it a try?”. With a little patience, I might get into it. Once I got back home, I went to the closest shop to buy three yarns (yes, three!) to start practicing. I looked up different tutorials (YouTubers, what would I do without you?) and started knitting. Once I got the basics, I started knitting and knitting until I figured I could actually make my dream scarf: a very thick and outrageously long scarf. The scarf in question took me three months to finish it. I have no excuse here. Except that I’m a beginner so I’m allowed…? 🙂

What’s quite fun about knitting is that it takes your mind off things. Needless to say it’s fulfilling because you actually create something with your own hands, something for yourself or for others. Note to all my friends: you now know what your future Christmas presents will be!

Here’s my first project: the outrageously thick and long burgundy scarf. More to come on Instagram!


This also happens to be my first (half) selfie on Instagram. At least, no duck face is involved…


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