Hello, post #100!

So many things have happened lately, it would seem unfair not to share them since… well, let’s face it, I haven’t exactly been the best blogger the last few months. So for this 100th post, here’s a little overview of what I’ve been up to!

First of all, I graduated this June and I was finally able to enjoy a well deserved holiday after a few tough months. Twitter may not have any secrets for me anymore but I’m certainly glad I could put all my thesis-related readings in a box and say: “That is done!”

I had the chance to spend 10 days in Portugal, more specifically in Estoril. A lovely little place, though a bit windy. We found out that it’s a very popular zone for surfers and… casino players. And while I was worried I would gain a few pounds because of all the food, I was pleased to find out that Estoril is hilly. Yes, quite hilly, indeed! Hello, free exercise! Needless to say I was happy to practice my Portuguese with some very lovely people! 🙂

2014_08_21_August_Estoril 29 2014_08_21_August_Estoril 201

2014-08-14 19.20.38

A very wise quote, if you ask me! Captured in a market in Estoril 🙂

I flew to Portugal with this huge thrill in my heart: right before packing, I got great news: I got a job as a Communications Assistant in the most friendly work environment anyone could dream of! Bonus: it’s also multicultural. What more could I ask for?

When I got back home, I remembered that I got a ticket for the Holi Festival of Colours in Brussels! It was the first time we had this in Brussels and I just couldn’t miss it!

10609709_696931400386039_5306466295156019699_n 20140823_143242

I had the chance to meet up with long-lost friends and we had a lot of catching up to do! All in all, great fun! We were a mess after all the coloured powder (I bet even my lungs were a nice shade of turquoise/pink/purple/yellow) and we got funny looks on the metro on our way back but who cares? It was one of these events we simply could not miss!

And to finish this memorable post on a nice, pink note, here is a lovely shot of Lake Hillier, on Middle Island, in Western Australia. I came across this picture a while ago and I had this “The world is full of wonders” moment. You can read more about it hereLake-Hillier

Yet another thing added on my travel list! Ain’t that lovely? 🙂




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