Stuck on Replay – Coldplay*

(no particular song… just all of them)

First of all, who has never heard of Coldplay? Some people love them, some people hate them. Others have no idea who they are (they have no idea what they’re missing! ;-))

It’s quite simple to explain the Coldplay phenomenon. They are more than just a band. They’re one of those nowadays rare true artists, throwing their heart and soul into their music. The story behind each and every one of their songs is worth reading about. Not to mention their lyrics (singing the story of your life) and their melodies (which always hit the right note). I haven’t had the chance to go to one of their concerts yet but so far, the DVD live versions I’ve watched with my Dad are simply breathtaking. Their songs go through your bones and remind you of the good things in life.

Here’s one of their first songs I listened to and also one of my favourites, “Yellow”, which made them reach the top-five hit list in the UK in 2000.

The story behind “Yellow” made me chuckle. According to my sources (all right, Wikipedia… don’t frown upon it, it’s where I got this cute story), one night, the band took a break after recording another song and went out for a walk. The stars in the sky were shining bright (I get the feeling that I should start writing children’s stories), which caught Ken Nelson’s eye (the song’s co-producer). He told the others to “look at the stars” and this idyllic moment inspired lead singer Chris Martin to write a new song.

On to the funny part: at first, Martin lacked inspiration when it came to the song’s title. Later on, as he looked around the studio, he found the Yellow Pages (the famous phone book) and this is how the title “Yellow” stuck. Simple yet it sounds right. According to Chris Martin, “Yellow” refers to the band’s mood: “Brightness and hope and devotion“.

Hope you enjoyed this!

P.S: I haven’t forgotten about my article on Romania. No worries, it’s coming soon! Pictures and all! 🙂

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